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* Music * Talkshow * Reality shows * Presentations * Drama * Movies * Health and fitness * Kids * Documentaries

About Ldtv

Life Destiny tv believes in telling real life stories that will leave the viewer motivated to achieve better, having hope and a positive outlook towards life. Viewers tend to be bombarded with hurtful depressing negative crime related news leaving many angry and without much hope. Our programs focus on sharing the positive inspiring life stories, without ignoring the negative realities.

Black family enjoy singing karaoke

Channel Overview


40% Vernacular & 60% English


Christian families of all ages

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We are ready for any challenges

Life Destiny owns a live studio facility, fully equipped with Full-HD Cameras and high end editing suites to meet any production requirements. Studio information •90m2 Studio with 50m2 shooting space •Configured for video Production •Stage decks inclusive •Air-conditioned

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